These are the latest in Craigerator® cool products!  These vinyl graphics or "wraps" are used to create  a unique and custom Craigerator®  at home. 

 Each Craigerator® Wrap is made from 3M's new vinyl material used to wrap cars and trucks in graphics.

We also sell kegerator conversion kits for you to design and convert your own fridge to a kick ass Craigerator® at home.

Craigerator® Wraps are sold in sets of front, left, right and top panels.  Each of the designs you see below are available.  For an additional art fee, we can also make your own personal Craigerator® Wrap with your designs, company logos, art or photos.  Turn around is about two weeks.

You can cover your fridge, soda machine, cooler or just about anything you want.


  Before After

Here are some of the current Craigerator® Wraps I've done.  I'll be adding new ones in the future.  I  can custom make one for you using your own pics, art work or designs.  Click on the sets to get more info.

Wraps Measurements for full size fridge are:

Front = 68" x 40"   Sides = 68" x 30"  Top = 30" x 40"

Full size fridge $699.00 per set.

Wraps Measurements for a commercial kegerator or "dorm fridge" size fridge are:

Front = 36" x 28"   Sides = 36" x 24"   Top = No Top

Commercial kegerator or "dorm fridge" size fridge $329.00 per set.

These should fit most fridges.  Measure first before ordering.  If you have special needs, tell us at the time of order.  Here's the deal.  The Wraps are sent to you in a pristine state and are made with a high quality of craftsmanship.  If you screw it up putting it on wrong, it's not our fault.  NO REFUNDS!

Click on the Craigerator® Wraps to see more info.


 Past Craigerator® Wraps

These are ready to go designs.  There is no art charge ($200)  if you order any of these Craigerator® Wraps

Micro-Matic Kegerator conversion kit.   Craigerator® Wrap accessories

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