This was my first .  I call it the  Bone Box.  It's a 1958 Hotpoint refrigerator with a complete nut & bolt restoration.  The entire fridge was taken apart, cleaned, stripped, sandblasted, powder coated, refurbished, and painted.  The insulation was replaced with high density foam.  The electrical was completely replaced.  Pieces were custom fabricated and to finish it off, a high quality, custom paint job using House of Kolor paints. Over 100 hours went into it's transformation.

It holds a 1/4 barrel keg (7.75 gal.) Enough to last a while and a heck of a lot cheaper than going to the market and getting bottled beer.  The custom tap is made from a crystal skull and neon was placed behind the "Bone Daddy" bobbing head in the door.  Yes, the handle is a real human femur bone.  Yes, it's legal.
Before Pics 


That's blue neon behind the Bone Daddy nodder wired into the system.  Notice that the tap drain goes back through the door and the collection bottle is inside the door at the bottom.  Also notice that the beer line connection for the tap is recessed to allow for a straight connection so the line doesn't kink.  The CO2 bottle was painted to match the fridge.  It's hard to tell from the pics, but the paint job has white pearl in it.  Another neat thing you can't tell from the pics is that I painted "ghost" skulls and bones on the fridge.  When light hits them they become visible.

Sold!  It's sitting in the office of Thom Beers.  Producer of Monster Garage!

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