Fire and Ice2

This was made as part of a grand prize for Keystone Lights' "Pimp My Pad" contest featured in FHM magazine.  What makes this really special is the Bose speaker dock that fits an iPod right in the front door.  Cranking tunes coming from the thing that delivers beer!. Wait, there's more!  The neon lights located at the bottom, back and front of the are hooked up to a music interface. When the music is booming, the whole thing puts on a light show.

               Awesome custom blue and pearl white House of Kolor paint job.  CO2 bottle was polished to a chrome like shine.  Back of door was diamond plated.  The overflow from the tap feeds back into the door to keep it from going bad between kegs. Diamond kick plate was added in the back. 

 One very lucky dude is going to receive this prize.  Take good care of it.  It costs what most people spend on a new car.


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Artist and computer concepts   




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