The Juice Box

 This is the "Juice Box".  Designed as a kick ass jockey box, it's the first to be portable.  Can be designed to fit a full size or mid size pickup truck, this thing truly delivers.  No Truck? No problem.  Fabricated locking legs make this the most versatile ever!  4 taps make up this Juice Box, but it can be designed for up to 8 taps.  Also, we can install Ntanks and regulator(s) to be able to pour you favorite stout brew too.  I welded a second inner box and insulated it with rigid foam.  It held ice for two days solid in over 100 degree heat.

For S&G's,  I took a vintage 1946 keg and converted it over as a BBQ grill.  It ties into the trailer hitch receiver, with a custom swing arm.  An awesome tailgaters dream.

CO2 tanks mount in the back.  Has dual regs with guards.  Tanks are polished to a mirror finish.  Also, LED trace lights that operate on a remote control.  These lights have 10 different patterns of light displays to choose from.  Dual drain system for box and drip tray.

I made four custom taps to go with it.  I chose a Counter Kulture, Hot Rod theme.


I'm keeping this one, but I can make one for you.  What you see here is the deluxe version. It has:

Fabricated drip tray

Skinned legs that are rated for 2000lbs. total

2 polished CO2 tanks

2 dual regulators with safety guards

LED light bars with remotes

4 custom taps (your designs, we'll talk)

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