The Raiderator

Made for the ultimate Raiders fan! 

It started as a 1954 Philco refrigerator. Now it's a The entire fridge was taken apart, cleaned, stripped, sandblasted, powder coated, refurbished, and painted.  New compressor and updated freon was added.  The insulation was replaced with high density foam.  Pieces were custom fabricated and to finish it off, a high quality, custom paint job using House of Kolor paints. Over 300 hours went into it's transformation.

It was made to have two taps but can hold up to 3 pony kegs (one in reserve) or 1 half keg.  The taps were custom fabricated for the option of two flavors of your favorite beer.  White neon is under the fridge to create a white down splash.  The stainless steel drip pan overflow feeds back into the fridge into an official Raiders sport bottle.  The customers favorite players' jersey number was put on the side.  The Raiders logo is on the other.  All emblems were sunk into the clear coat of the paint to permanently make it part of the paint job.

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Before Pics

Front 2 raiderator.jpg (88503 bytes)Front door open 2 raiderator.jpg (191301 bytes)Back 3 raiderator.jpg (180986 bytes)

After Pics

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The owner wanted extra places to put canned beer and some food items, so I fabricated the original Coke bottle green shelves on the inside of the door.  The freezer door and the inside backing of the door were made from new material.  Skids were added to make moving it easier.  oot

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What more does the ultimate Raiders fan need?  The ultimate Raiders girl!  Our model was gracious enough to pose with the "Raiderator".  One beauty tops another.  Quick note: she's only wearing paint.

Model - Christine Nguyen          Photographers - Brian Hicks and Jamie Ramos          Make up - Brian Hicks

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