The Story

Craig Jones is an entrepreneur.  You know, one of those kind of people who are driven, bright, egotistical, thought they could always run things better than the boss and enjoys being able to take a day off when they want.  The flip side  is, they bust ass on some days, weeks, or even years until  an idea works.  Then, they continue to bust ass to make the bills.  Difference is the skies the limit.  Your never know how much money you’re gonna make ‘til it happens…. Another quality of entrepreneurs is that they get bored easy.  Craig’s no exception and he started to get itchy to do something new.

Through a twist of events (ask most business owners how they got started in something, 9 times out of 10 the answer is, “It just happened”) …he came up with the idea to convert old refrigerators into one of a kind pieces of functioning art.

What better kind of functioning art could there be but one that dispenses beer? So, he began to make :  Custom Kegerators by Craig.  These cool objects de art are “One Offs".  One of a kind pieces of foamy drinking fun!”.

The very first is  called the “Bone Box”. It's a 1958 Hotpoint refrigerator with a complete nut & bolt restoration. The entire fridge was taken apart, cleaned, stripped, sandblasted, powder coated, refurbished, and painted. The insulation was replaced with high density foam. The electrical system was completely replaced. Pieces were custom fabricated and to finish it off, a high quality, custom paint job using House of Kolor paints. Over 100 hours went into it's transformation.


It holds a 1/2 barrel keg (15.5 gal.) Enough to last a while and a heck of a lot cheaper than going to the market and getting bottled beer. The custom tap is made from a crystal skull and neon was placed behind the "Bone Daddy" bobbing head in the door. Yes, the handle is a real human femur bone. Yes, it's legal.

(an old throw back from Craig’s medical days—get the joke?)  

The blue neon behind the Bone Daddy nodder is wired into the system. The tap drain goes back through the door and the collection bottle located inside the door at the bottom. Notice that the beer line connection for the tap is recessed to allow for a straight connection so the line doesn't kink. The CO2 bottle was painted to match the fridge. The paint job has white pearl in it & painted with "ghost" skulls and bones on the fridge. When light hits them they become visible.

#2 came out at the end of June 2003. Christened “Devil May Care”, it’s a 1953 GE fridge with another hellishly fun design concept. 

A dual  tap system Which makes having two flavors of beer more fun than one.  This fridge sports a candy apple flame paint job, pitchfork and devil tail taps, a see through freezer door with red neon (when Hell freezes over, get it?), and chrome flame handles. 

More concepts are in development ranging from a “custom car fridge”  to a government  “X-File-ien” Alien theme called, “Science Experiment #7”. 

Each has its own personality and is a piece of art in and of itself.

Remember, being an entrepreneur is a curse and a blessing.  Drinking draft beer in your own house, from your own custom kegerator falls into the blessing category. 

Text/Photos by Craig Jones and Peter Brooker. Edited by Anna Marco © 2003\


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