A long, long time before there were "soccer mom" SUV's, there were Woody Wagons.  While they were only built up until the 1950's and were a favorite of suburbanized America, the Woody is most known to us now through the popularization of the surfing generation in the early 60's.  I love these wagons and this is my tribute to them. 

This is a 1954 GE refrigerator that will hold a 1/2 keg of your favorite beer.

"I loaded up my Woody with my boards on top" 

Let's go Surfin' - The Beach Boys


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A full nut and bolt restoration. 

A brand new 1/8hp compressor.  

The entire Freon system was pressure tested. 

 It was stripped, sanded, powder coated and received a complete nut & bolt restoration.

It was painted a House of Kolor Sea foam pastel green. This paint job from primer to clear took 18 coats of paint.

 An oak panel replaces the inside of the original door. 

I used a wooden surfboard tap.  

A recessed holder was fabricated into the handle to include surfboards life long companion, Mr. Zogs Sex Wax.

Yellow and turquoise neon shoot out from underneath the Woody to give it a nice warm glow.  

Copper tubing and a Tiki cup overflow add to it's flavor as a surfing icebox.

The CO2 tank and regulator were moved to the outside (in the back) for space.

Click on one of the pics below for a better look!


These are the awesome 24", handmade custom surfboards that rest on top of the Woody.  They were custom made for me by Gopher Boards.

Click on the boards below for more information about these mini surfboards.

My wife fell in love with it, so we're keeping this one!

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